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Bankruptcy Petition Preparation Software

Petition Preparation Software with CM/ECF Case Data Upload Functionality

Listed below are the vendors and contact persons who have agreed to include in their next release file modifications to allow attorneys to automatically upload case data information from their software application to CM/ECF.  This list is provided as a convenience to the bar; the Bankruptcy Court makes no representation as to usefulness or suitability of any product.  It may be in your interest to verify that the listed preparation package you are considering is compatible with the CM/ECF case upload features.  



Vendor / Software Contact Phone Website / e-mail
Best Case Solutions Inc / Best Case Bankruptcy John Mancini 800-492-8037

BkAssist Petition Preparation and Case Management Software

Walter Oney 978-343-3390 / bktools John Beck 760-967-1428

Cerenade Inc / Bankruptcy Esq.

B. Ramsey 800-617-4202
EZ Filing Inc / EZ Filing Marty Mohr 800-998-2424
Fresh$tart$even / Bankruptcy Software Martin L. Laurence 206-523-2445
Law Firm Software / Bankruptcy Case Software Erich J. Ruth 800-350-8262
Legal Pro Systems Inc / BankruptcyPRO Charles Fielder III 800-887-0939
LexisNexis Collier TopForm David J. Rubin (800) 252-9257 Ext. 2527 OR
(973) 820-2527 Direct
NextChapter BK, Inc / NextChapter Bankruptcy Software Janine Sickmeyer 888-861-7122
Puritas Springs Software / WBank Ernie Zore 440-572-7645
West-Specialty Software / Chapter 7..13 with Plan 13 Monica Wiese
Don Milo